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Thursday, January 21, 2021

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Scott Greenberg, MD
Created on: 10/10/2009
Address: 1907 Greentree Road
  Cherry Hill, New Jersey
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Phone No.: 856 424 8222
Fax No.: 865 424 2599
Doctor's Bio:
Having been struck by a drunk driver at age 18 and spending years with chronic pain and debilitating headaches, Dr. Greenberg treated himself with regenerative medical techniques and prolotherapy and cured his chronic pain problems. He now lives a very active life, competes in high level sports, and has dedicated his career to helping those with pain and arthritis live a happy, pain free life. He practices in a holistic medical center with Dr. Allan Magaziner, one of the nations preeminent physicians in Complimentary Medicine. Dr. Greenberg's cutting-edge techniques have been featured both in the local and national news. He is well known with professional athletes in all of the major sports, and has brought several athletes back from career ending injuries. Patients travel from worldwide locations to seek Dr. Greenberg's expertise and innovative approaches to chronic pain issues, such as his correction of the tilted pelvis.
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